Welcome to the Dutch Marine Inspection (DMI) website!

We are a government­appointed inspection body, also known as a Notified Body, for the Recreational Craft Directive that specializes in the inspection and certification of Recreational Water Crafts and their components. DMI stands apart from other Notified Bodies in that we use innovative technology and creative ideas to assure that our clients continue to enjoy the very best possible experience with their recreational crafts. We work closely with our clients and aspire to share our broad knowledge of the current EU safety and environmental regulations. There are many ways in which both yacht builders and boat owners can benefit from our expert advice. Would you like to know more? Read further on our website or feel free to contact us.    


Europe introduced the Recreational Craft Directive in 1998. The Directive stipulates that many vessels constructed or placed on the market within the European Union since 1998 must bear the CE mark.  On our website you can read all about the Recreational Craft Directive and its CE mark. We also provide handy check lists to aid you in determining which regulations apply directly to your pleasure craft under the current Directive and if your vessel has the appropriate CE mark. If your craft does not have a (correct) CE marking, we can perform a CE inspection for you. Also, if you want to build a new vessel we can perform a CE inspection that will assure that your craft meets all legal requirements. Our services are focused on creating safe, reliable and environmental friendly vessels. As a boat owner you will save money, increase your safety and therefore have more fun!  Manufacturers and importers can benefit greatly from our services by guaranteeing quality and compliance to EU regulations for their products. DMI delivers independent and professional service with the highest degree of integrity, personal commitment and confidentiality.    

"Certification with innovation"


Company movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNgaJlbnxaU